Arcadia Land Realty offers broker price opinions (BPO) of land informed by our group’s expertise in development.

In our BPOs, we approach valuation as developers, focusing exclusively on land residual value.  Land residual value is an approach that recognizes the full economics of land development, both revenues, costs and the desired profit margin of the entrepreneur.

To accurately estimate revenue, we examine both demand and supply in the marketplace.  We vet absorption rates, not just price, so that carrying costs are accurately estimated.  On the supply side, we look at physical inventories and research the competitive pipeline to build a holistic view of the marketplace.

We also carefully estimate the cost to complete improvements.  As developers, we understand that off-site infrastructure obligations, contributions to municipalities, and other requirements create costs that impact land residual.  Short hand estimates for improvements are usually misleading.  We also understand the hidden costs and the cash flow impact of existing financial security and utility agreements.

As a result of our BPOs, our clients have not only had greater success in marketing their real estate, but often been able to identify opportunities for value creation prior to marketing.

Broker price opinion