Arcadia Land Company is a real estate development and services company dedicated to the responsible use of land.


Arcadia develops walkable communities in harmony with nature. We believe compact, walkable neighborhoods promote human flourishing and environmental conservation. Our apartments, walkable residential communities and mixed use developments are located primarily in suburban Philadelphia.


We serve select clients on a fee basis. For nearly twenty years, we have provided professional development services such as fee development, market research, asset repositioning, project entitlements, and land brokerage. Clients have included property owners, financial institutions, public agencies and developers throughout the United States.

Our Philosophy

We believe that town building and land stewardship are inextricably linked. If we don’t build compactly, low-density suburbanization will consume our open spaces. If we don’t preserve important natural lands, urban growth will continue uncontrolled without edge or center.

Arcadia’s approach to town building has been influenced by the New Urbanism and Conservation Development. New Urbanism promotes compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods as an alternative to low-density, automobile-oriented, single-use development. Conservation Development promotes the clustering of uses to preserve more open space.

Building better neighborhoods and conserving our natural lands is not only an environmental imperative; it’s a human one. We are social creatures and we thrive when we know our neighbors, when we walk more, and when we have common places for congregation, recreation, and education.