Leinberger to lead real estate program at University of Michigan

By August 4, 2005 No Comments

One of the earliest and strongest advocates of downtown Albuquerque redevelopment, Smart Growth and New Urbanism, real-estate investor and land-use strategist Christopher Leinberger will leave the city in July to become a visiting fellow with the prestigious Brookings Institution in the nation’s capital and a faculty member at the University of Michigan, says an Albuquerque Tribune editorial, hailing his significant role in the city’s history.

A founder and head of the public-private Historic District Improvement Co., which has spurred many downtown commercial, residential and entertainment projects, the editorial notes, Leinberger has successfully promoted downtown as ”a lucrative market for a mixture of lively ventures that appeal to a rising ‘creative class’ and others who want the option of living in a real urban environment.”

Welcoming his promise to remain active in the Historic District Improvement Co., the editorial points out that his downtown redevelopment idea ”dovetails perfectly with efforts to make the city grow more efficiently, by filling in the inner city, rather than allowing it to wither and die.” — Albuquerque Tribune 6/1/2005