Woodmont Community Noted for Increased Demand

By July 8, 2008 No Comments

Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia Inquirer Real Estate writer Alan J. Heavens notes how location continues to drive sales in the Philadelphia suburbs. He mentions how, despite variations in marketing and construction, “location is still the secret to success.” Citing Wayne Norris, a new-home sales analyst in the area, he explains that Woodmont is a “strong performer” in the market with over 85 of it’s 120 houses sold since 2005. The article then moves to focus on the Lower Moreland School District as a another distinct advantage of Woodmont’s location. Finally, the article notes a shift in housing size and configuration as developers cater to shifts in demand. Bernard Markstein of the National Association of Home Builders writes, “The trend to smaller houses appears to be a national one, and they are generally selling better.” It is this national rise in demand for smaller houses that will increase Woodmont’s popularity and add to its site advantage.

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