Jason Duckworth keynotes Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit

By May 6, 2017 No Comments

On May 4, 2017, Jason Duckworth gave the keynote address at the Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit in Dover.  Entitled “How to make money while building a public asset,” Jason’s keynote described how the development of walkable communities profits both the developer and the surrounding community.  “In a walkable community, each new increment of development — a new restaurant, a place to work, a convenient public institution, a cluster of new homes — adds to the desirability and utility of the whole.  There’s more to enjoy as the walkable community grows.”  This virtuous cycle is in contrast to the vicious cycle of conventional development where each increment adds congestion costs or diminishes privacy but provides few offsetting benefits to the immediate area.  Additionally, walkable communities have significant fiscal and environmental advantages and correlate with greater physical and psychological health.